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School Attendance!!

September 7
Too often chronic absence remains a hidden problem because schools track only average daily attendance and truancy (unexcused absences.) The research shows that chronic absence predicts lower 3rd grade reading proficiency, course failure and eventual dropout.

Learn more at the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading!
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More on your child's attendance.....

September 6
Principals in middle and high schools can provide the leadership needed to address chronic absenteeism by pursuing the three Rs: Reach down. Reach out. Reach up. Click on the title above to locate the link to find out more!
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What's this fuss about attendance?

September 5

Fact: Chronic absence in kindergarten is associated with lower academic performance in 1st grade, especially in reading for Latino students. For poor children, unable to make up for time on task, the poor performance extended through 5th grade. By 6th grade chronic absence is a clear predictor of drop-out.

Learn more about reducing chronic absence at the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading!
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Your child and attendance..........

September 4

It’s Attendance Awareness Month!

Fact: Every 26 seconds, a student drops out of school.

By 9th grade, missing 20 percent of the school year is a better predictor of dropping out than test scores.

Ending the high school dropout crisis is an urgent priority!
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Is your child in school today?

September 3
If you think one day out of school is just one day out of school, think again! The days add up quickly. Our friends at the Get Schooled website have developed an “Attendance Count Calender,” which you can use to see the effect of missing school based on the number of days you are out. The results just might surprise you!

Give it a try at
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Attendance Awareness Month....did you know???

September 2
FACT: Nationally, as many as 7.5 million students nationwide miss 10 percent of the school year in excused and unexcused absences every year. That’s 135 million days of school.

Learn more about reducing chronic absence in your school by going to
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Attendance Awareness Month

September 1
As we kick off Attendance Awareness Month, we hope you’ll join us in learning more about how to reduce chronic absenteeism in your school district. Common sense and research tell us that for students to learn, they have to come to school.

Chronic absenteeism is missing 10 percent of school days for any reason – excused and unexcused, including in-school suspensions. Based upon research, it marks the point when students start to fall behind academically because they have missed too many school days.

Learn more at Attendance Works!
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