Mission Statement


That we are actively involved in the education of all our citizens. We support students, educators, and a creative learning process. We teach our children through our homes, our lives, our schools, and our communities. As we are our schools, they must embody the best of us.

That the success of our democracy depends upon our ability to educate aware, involved, and responsible citizens. We want our students to become community members who actively participate in cooperative decision making at local, state, national, and international levels. As citizens they respect and value the contributions of all cultures and all aspects of society and work for the peaceful resolution of differences.

That our students will continually seek opportunities to acquire and provide new skills and knowledge so that they can grow and respond well to personal and professional challenges as they move through life. We want our students to be committed, confident, and skilled employees and employers with a responsible work ethic and an appreciation for individual and cooperative problem solving.

That all students have gifts to develop and goals to achieve. They must dare to risk failure, knowing that schools and home are safe places to make mistakes.

That the basic education skills of reading critically, listening attentively, communicating effectively, and calculating will best prepare our students for work, career, and continued education in their chosen fields.

That parents and teachers will celebrate childhood and adolescence in a student-centered environment and will give the fullest possible support to their children’s aspirations and education.

That our communities must responsibly support the total educational program through fiscal appropriation and sound management.

That our students will possess and value humility, honesty, compassion, humor, responsibility, and resourcefulness. They will be proud of who they are and where they live, taking an active role in the appreciation, preservation, and growth of their communities.