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My name is Marielle Edgecomb. I have been in education for 23 years. I am a highly qualified math teacher with a Master’s in Educational Leadership. I hold a math leader certificate as well. I am currently working on my math specialist certificate. I have experience teaching in grades 1-8. I absolutely love teaching middle school math!

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Final Calendar Raffle Drawings!!!

12/22/15 Floating Rope Mat ~ Cheryl Hurd
12/22/15 Homemade Basket ~ Gail Nelson
12/23/15 Fire Chicks Photography ~ Sherry Young
12/23/15 Winter Harbor Co-op certificate  ~ Stacey Landeen
12/24/15 Two Pair of beautiful earrings ~ Michelle Jellison
12/24/15 DC Air Lobster Certificate ~ Theresa Jameson
12/24/15 Bath Basket and Birdhouse Patricia Spleen
12/24/15 Two Sister Pizza Certificate ~ Gail Nelson
Thank you all!!!  

TORUS Construction

This is too cool not to share.  There are many ways to create a torus.  We don't often get to explore the torus- we hope you will! 

Calendar Raffle

We are stirring up the names every single day.  The odds of the same people winning only increase with multiple ticket purchases.  I'm thinking some people bought a lot of tickets!!!  Congratulation Lea and Gail!  Multiple winnings!!!  
12/21/15  Lea Lane ~ Winter harbor Coop
12/21/15  Gail Nelson ~ Wild Wave Jewelry
Reminder that tomorrow we will draw tickets for the remaining prizes so that people will have time to come to school and pick them up or make other arrangements to get their prizes.  

Calendar Raffle Winners

Today we drew winners for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  12/18/2015-12/20/2015
Gallagher's Salon Gift Bag ~ Priscilla McFarland
Super Hero Gift Basket ~ Liza Fisher Munroe
Winter Harbor Coop Certificate ~ Betty Wiliam
Pat's Pizza Certificate ~ Gail Nelson
Subway Certificate ~ Amanda Temple
10 Bushels of Bail from DC Air ~ Liz Bridges
Next Drawing will be on Monday, 12/21/15.  We will draw all remaining tickets on Tuesday, 12/22/15 so that people have time to pick up their prizes before the school closes for vacation on 12/23/15 at 1 p.m.  

Calendar Raffle Winners!

12/17 Letitia Baldwin ~ Pat's Pizza Certificate
12/17 Betty William ~PIckled Wrinkle Certificate

Calendar Raffle Winners

12/16  Liz Bridges ~ yoga classes
12/16 Kim Brown - Pat's Pizza
12/16 Lacey Cowperthwaite ~ Winter Harbor Coop Certificate

Calendar Raffle Winners!!!

12/15 Carrie Faulkingham - Pat's Pizza Certificate
12/15 Lea Lane -Homemade Basket filled with goodies  :)

Calendar Winners for 12/13/15

Today winners are:
Jenny Ashmore- Pat's Pizza Certificate
Scott Young - Creative cuts Certificate

Calendar Winners!

We are not going to be able to draw tickets in the morning so we will draw today for the rest of the week through Sunday.  
12/10 Creative Cuts Hair Salon Certificate ~ Dolores Basher
12/10 Pats Pizza Certificate ~ Lea Lane
12/11 Finelli Pizza Certificate ~ Liz Bridges
12/11 Winter Harbor Co-op certificate Wynn Openshaw
12/12 Sweet Frog Certificate ~ Bentley Howard
12/12 Coffee Gift Basket ~ Angela Kennedy
12/12 10 Bu Bait ($200 value!) Stacey Scott
12/13 Winter Harbor Co-op certificate ~ Heather Church
12/13 Tastefully Simple ~ Rhiannon Alley!
NEXT DRAWING Monday, December 14th

8th Grade Calendar Winners 12/9/15

Lea Lane-$20 Certificate to West Bay Antiques
Stacey Landeen- $20 Certificate to Winter Harbor Co-Op
Thank you for participating!  We have put the names back in the drawing and will pull more names tomorrow! 

Calendar Raffle Winners 12/8

Sarah Christensen -  Pat's Pizza Certificate
Will Bebb - beautiful Chelly Walsh Jewelry

Calendar Raffle Winners for Monday 12/7/15

Congratulations to today's winners!!
Donna Haycock won Fiber Lashes
Amanda Crowley won a $20 Certificate to the Winter Harbor Co-Op
Georgette Faulkingham won a Pat's Pizza Certificate

Weekend Calendar Raffle Winners!

Since we won't be here to draw names tomorrow- here are the winners for Saturday and Sunday!
12/5 Winning Again!  Gail Nelson!  Pat's Pizza certificate!
12/5 Inifinity Scarves: Diana Young
12/6 Hair Products Basket:  Amanda Temple

Calendar Raffle Winners 12/4

Congratulations to Lea Lane for winning two days in a row!!
12/4 Lea Lane TDP Auto certificate for an oil change
12/4 Kristin Giroux Trades of Hope wire basket

Calendar Raffle Winners~

Winning on 12/2 for our 8th Grade Calendar Raffle
4 UMaine Hockey Tickets.....Tammy Light
10 Pounds of Lobster....Bonnie Naumann
Pats Pizza 1- three topping pizza....Gail Nelson
Winning on 12/3 for our 8th Grade Calendar Raffle
A Bird House from the Winter Harbor 5 & 10....Amanda Crowley
A TDP Automotive Certificate.... Lea Lane