Middle School Supply List 2016 ~ 2017

Social Studies:  Fine Point Sharpies, colored pencils, markers, 1 3" binders, 1 1.5" binder, 1 set of 8 dividers, sticky notes, lined binder paper, ELA set of 8 dividers, post-it notes, lined paper, 1 3" binder, glue sticks, colored pencils, pencils, SCIENCE small binder, large binder, dividers, lined paper, glue stick, pencils, erasers, MATH White Board Markers, pencils, colored paper, ear buds/headphones, pencils, colored pencils, glue sticks and a good attitude :)
We have some supplies to share.  We realize how expensive supplies are and how difficult it can be for families to provide all of the materials needed.  We do not want you to put your family in a difficult situation.  We can help any child in our classes who does not have needed supplies.  <3